Saturday, August 15, 2009

Geotextile Net Woven For Erotion Control

Geo-textile Net Woven is made of from organic natural fiber. Coconut Fiber or Coco-fiber is basic material for it.

The advantage application of using Geo textile net :
  1. Protect soil from erosion (control erosion) and for landscaping
  2. Keeping seeds in place, and supports seed germination and seedling growth until good vegetative cover is established
  3. 100% biodegradable or eco-friendly
  4. help soil stabilization and renew vegetation in varying slopes
  5. Provide higher resistance upon installation while supporting growth and development of vegetation
  6. This is durable material, until 4-5 years
Geo Textile net is made in a certain size/mesh hole. So can called with other popular name Coco mesh.
Usually, mesh hole size 20mm x 20mm, or 30 mm x 30 mm, or 40mm x 40mm, or as buyers requirement for any patterns and size. Supplied in rolls at any length and width 120 cm x 300 cm, or 120cm x 500 cm


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